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Numedalslaget, Business meeting/Picnic/Wonderland Cave
1. august 2001

Numedalslagets faneThe Saturday during the 7-lag stevne is the day where all the lags hold their business meetings, and decide their own agenda. This year Numedalslaget scheduled a picninc and a visit to Wonderland Cave after the business meeting.


While I was at the 7-Lag Stevne Numedalslaget invited me to their business meeting, and i really appreciated teh opportunity to learn more about the lag. All the 7 lag have their business meeting as part of the 7-Lag Stevne.



Here are some of members during the business meeting.










Here are some others.





Below  short minutes from meeting are found.

  1. A moment in silence to honour the members who have passed away during the last year
  2. Introduction around the table for new members
  3. Reading some received letters from the members
  4. President's report
    1. Membership base is growing, 57 new members last year, but also som who have passed away.
    2. Main events last year

                                                             i.     Last years 7-Lag Stevne

                                                             ii.     Mini-stvene in Little Falls

                                                            iii.     Nork Høstfest in Minot

                                                            iv.     Received books

1.     Vol. 5 Gards og Ættesoge for Uvdal by Kåre Sønsterud

2.     Vol III, Bygdehistorie for Nore og Uvdal by Kåre Olav Solhjell

3.     Kulturarv til ettertanke by Kari Huseby and Jørn Jensen

  1. Sectretary's report
    Checking through minutes from last years meeting, only minor comments received.
  2. Treasurer's report
    Financial status presented
  3. Genealogist's report
    Short status of work and assistance provided during the last year.
  4. Other businesses
    1. Invite Lardal og Larvik to the Lag
      The board propose to invite Lardal and Larvik, which does not presently have a lag, to join Numedalslaget. When Lardal and Larvik join in all kommuner along the river of Numedalslågen will be members of the same lag, and the board also propose to change the name of the lag to reflect this. New name will be Numedalslaagens Lag. The banner will not be changed as this is a part of the history of the lag.
      The proposition was fully supported during the meeting.
    2. Laagen Gospel
      Numedalslaget expressed their disappointment that Laagen Gospel not had arranged their tour to facilitate presence at the 7-Lag Stevne when they travelled to the same region in almost the same time as the stevne. Their presence really would have given Numedalslaget a boost during the Stevne.
      Also some of the material received from Laagen Gospel was inaccurate as the place of concerts was omitted for some of the days. Numedalslaget could therefore not give precise concert data to their members for all the days.
      However, in spite of the disappointment that Laagen Gospel not included the 7-Lag Stevne in their tour, the fact that such tour from the Numedal region Norway to the emigrant regions in USAtakes place is much appreciated.
    3. Beverly Webster will be host during the Mini-Stevne in the first Saturday of October
    4. Next year's 7-Lag Stevne will take place in St. Olaf Minnesota
  5. Election of officers
    All officers expressed their willingsness to continue in their position, and the meeting applauded the re-election.
  6. A short presentation of Emigration Web Norway was given. This project was initiated in the Numedal and Hallingdal region, and is brought forward by Numedalsnett AS.


After the business meeting, picnic was the next item on the schedule, and the Norwegian visitors were invited to come along. In addition to the undersigned, Åse Bergan and her daughter Hege from Veggli were present during the stevne and accompanied the picnic and the tour to the "Wonderland Cave".

The road to the picnic area reminded me of Norway, it was narrow, full of holes and had few and confusing direction signs......But the picnic area was a beautiful, quiet area by a small creek. Here delicious food was served, and we had a great time in the sunshine while the talking around the tables proved that everybody enjoyed the tour. The delicious food was prepared by a descendant from an emigrant from Veggli, Shirley Sinderal.



Here are a few pictures from the picnic.








































Wonderland Cave
After the picnic, the tour continued to "Wonderland Cave", which is a crystal cave.

Wonderland Cave


Chet Habberstad at the entrance of the cave












The cave was discovered by an emigrant from Veggli when he entered a small hole to fetch his dog. Crystal caves are very rare outside the Black Hills area, and the crystals are actually "alive" and thus continuously growing. If the crystals are touched by a finger tip, the grease on the finger will cause the crystals to "die" and stop growing. Therefore touching of the crystals were prohibited. Unfortunately the pictures by no way can replicate the colours in the crystals, but hopefully they will give an indication of the beauty.















The nearest crystal forms are called pop-corn no wonder why.










Snehvit og dvergene









The cave is quite deep, so I lost track of the number of steps down. And as within the silver mines in Kongsberg the temperature is pretty constant all year round, which means that dressing well before heading down is important. But the steps up again quickly brought the warmth back.......


Unfortunately time is passing by very quickly when we had such a great time, and upon return to the surface it as time to return to Rapid City for the banquette, bunad parade, entertainment and dancing. This will be covered in a separate article.

Text/Photo: Tom S. Lynås