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Seven-Lag Stevne in Rapid City
13. juli 2001

Generalkonsul ØveraasThe Seven-Lag Stevne in Raid City, South Dakota commenced Thursday , July 12th, 2001. More than 400 have registered for the convention which takes place in the premises of South Dakota School of Mines & Technology.


Surbeck CenterThe annual convention is organised by Norewegian Stevner Inc. , and has kept Oscar Lund very busy the last days. The result of his efforts is a well organised event with a number of qualified visitors form the different Bygdelag. The fact that the event takes place at South Dakota School of Mines & Technology which is the University in Rapid City gives everbody access to the good facilities in the university, and enable a very compact event. Most of the visitors also stay at the campus which menas that everything is within a short walking distance. The staff and the students at the university provide excellent service for the arriving guests. More than 400 visitors pre-ordered their visit to the Stevne

Many of the visitors had relatives in several of the bygdelag and therefore had to make a selection of this they would belong.

The official program for this year's Seven-Lag Stevne is found om the web site for the stevne which is found at this address: http://www.numedal.net/norwegian-stevne

Oscar Lund m.fl.


Kathy Schoenhard, Oscar Lund and David Menzel

Oscar Lund was in charge of teh Seven-Lag Stevne in Rapid City, and Kathy Schoenhard and David Menzel were managing the support team at South Dakota School of Mines & Technology.






The pictures above are from a very short break the hectic last day before the Stevne.

The pictures below were taken during the ceremony Thursday evening. During the ceremony all the banners from the seven lag were presented in a parade, and the Presidents for each of the Lag and the President of Bygdelagenes Fellesraad gave a short presentation of their organisations.
Both the good entertainment and the lack of air condition in the Gymnasium brought the temperature very high....

As seen in the ingress the acting General Consul in Minneapolis Ole Øveraas received a cap from Numedalslaget due to the fact that he has his winter cottage in Veggli in Numedal.

Sixteen years old aa bb showed great talent on the Hardanger fiddle. The fiddle was made by one of her mentors from Voss in Norway. Her bunad is also the bunad from the Voss (Hardanger) region.




Borgund Lodge


Borgund Lodge entertained with traditional norwegian folk dance





Text/Foto: Tom S. Lynås

Borgund Lodge