EmigrationWeb Norway
Emigration Web Norway - Now a national database !!
14. juni 2001

The web site was initiated as "Emigration Web Norway - Numedal and Hallingdal", a PROJECT which aims to make the story of the Emigrants from Norway become more alive and accessible for us all by letting people work together over the Internett. 

Now, the Emigration Information Database is updated. The update is a result from suggested improvements, from the experience after using the database for a while, and not at least the database is scaled up to national level - emigrants from ALL kommuner in Norway can now be registered.

Short descriptions of the main improvements are found here.

A major ICT-development program in the Numedal/Kongsberg region in Norway (ICT = Information and Communication Technology) called the LiNK-program, which is short for Local Information networks Numedal and Kongsberg, initiated the project. Hallingdal and Numedal were the regions in Norway with the highest emigration relative to the population, and as they also are neighborhood valleys within Buskerud fylke, both valleys were part of the "Emigration Web Norway - Numedal and Hallingdal" web site. Read more about the background and the ideas in the article "Welcome to the Emigration Web Norway - Numedal and Hallingdal".

The main improvements in the database from teh original design are:

  • Extensive help functions in the form of pop-up windows
  • All "Fylker" and "Kommuner" selected from drop-down menues, now full national level
  • Country/State selected from drop-down menues (Today USA/Canada, expandable)
  • Hyperlink functionality within the database fields
  • Search button also on the top of the forms, improved user-friendliness
  • Information fields regarding Contributors and Contact persons, improved interactivity
  • Indication in the search result table whether there is a Contact person or attachements (pictures, letters, articles etc) for each emigrant
  • Report generators/Print-out options for those who are approval authorities
  • Colour-coded separation between Open and Approved (Quality Controlled part) of the database
  • Searching also include the open (non QC part) part of the database
  • For emigrants already registered in the database the write access to the registration fields is limited.
    If the emigrant data is approved by an authoriser, he is the only one to modify/update the data.
    If the emigrant is not approved yet, the originator of emigrant data (the Registrator) is the only one who can modify/update the data.

    Thanks to the interactivity tools in the database, there is a link to the Authoriser/Registrator from the database enabling a very easy way to contact them with supplemental information about an emigrant in the database, and they shall then honour the information provider by adding his/her name as Contributor.

The Contact data fields give an excellent opportunity for todays generations to make contacts. Anyone can register as contact person for an emigrant (on both sides of the Atlantic), and by doing this it will be very easy to establish contact by mail, phone, e-mail or even by visiting the contact person(s).
Hopefully this will be a great tool to improve and strengthen the ties between USA and Norway !!