EmigrationWeb Norway
Design and History
8. juni 2001
  • The design of the web site is made by itworks as, with guidelines from LiNK.
  • The database is designed and implemented by Itum as.
  • The web site is owned and operated by Numedalsnett AS.  This means that Numedalsnett AS has the ownership to the web site and the database, and eternal right to use the content. The ownership to the content belongs to the persons that have contributed with the information

The Emigration Web Norway web site was originated on the ideas from the local historians and authors of the "Bygdebøker" in Numedal and Hallingdal region. They wanted a common archive for their material related to the emigration period, and worked out the first specification for the database. A regional IT-program, LiNK, initiated the project with Numedalsutvikling BA as project responsible. Numedalsutvikling BA appointed Numedalsnett AS as project manager for the initial phase of the project.
After a presentation of the web site during Norsk Høstfest in Minot in the Autumn 2000, Numedalsnett AS has, in close cooperation with the local historians, made the specifications for an improved and enhanced database functionality. As part of this update the database also has been extended to a national level database, not only a regional as it was initially.
Itum as, who designed and implemented the original database, also have implemented the updated specification of the database to its present status.