EmigrationWeb Norway
Emigration Web Norway
8. juni 2001

Emigration Web Norway is an emigration web site with main focus on the individual emigrant.

This web site contains both a news section where the users will find articles about the emigration history in general, but also specific histories about individual emigrants. The users will also find articles regarding how to trace their ancestors in Norway and links to related web sites.
 This web site also contains an advanced emigrant data base where the users both can search for emigrants and also submit information about the emigrants in the database. This way there will, over time,  be a mini-biography of each of the emigrants.

The web site is made with concideration to interactivity and utility for the users, escpecially to make it easier to create contact between the present family generations across the Atlantic. Therefore the database contains fields with contact data for contact persons and information contributors to enable an easy and user-friendly way of establishing contact.

The web site also contains an Activity Calendar where all activities related to emigration/re-unions/"stevner" etc can be found in one searchable place which hosts all this kind of information for all areas both in the US and in Norway.