EmigrationWeb Norway
14. oktober 2000

Welcome to the site where you can actually search for your Norwegian ancestors.

Have you read the article "How to trace your ancestors in Norway" on the first page? That article will help you trace ancestors from all of Norway.

This web-site, the "Emigration Web Norway - Numedal and Hallingdal", only covers the Region of Numedal and Hallingdal. We plan to expand and eventually cover larger parts of Norway. As of now, we are trying out our new and unique webconcept in this more limited area. (Read about our projectgoals and main concepts here.)

To "Search for emigrants" from our area, click the button with that name to the right.

Right now (14. october 2000) you will need a username and password. In a week or so, we will open our database - and it will stay open and free of charge.

As this website developes, you will even be able to put data into our database yourselves. After being verified by our historians, your information will be part of our database and open for everybody to see. Even old letters, pictures and any written reports you might have, can be easily uploaded to our website and connected to the right emigrants and/or families. This is the way our website is going to work; historians and ordinary people working together using tools which are very easy to use.