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11. oktober 2000

Creating the Emigration Web Norway - Numedal and Hallingdal is part of a major ICT-development program in our Region in Norway (ICT = Information and Communication Technology). This program is called the LiNK-program, which is short fore Local Information networks Numedal and Kongsberg. You can read more about LiNK (in Norwegian) on: http://prosjekter.numedal.net/link / .

We have on several occasions studied the evolving Network Economy here in the USA. We are working together with the Norwegian Trade Council and have participated every year in the Silicon Valley Dynamic-seminars in San Francisco. We are working together with The Norwegian School of Administration (Handelshøyskolen BI) developing knowledge on how to implement Network Economy in our Region in Norway. And last but not least: We are making new networks between organizations and individuals in our Region developing what we may call "Networks for the New Economy". These Networks are in fact not limited to our Region in Norway. We have successfully involved other regions, multinational companies and central Norwegian authorities. Now we like to invite you Americans to be part of our Network. Together we will have the knowledge and the means to make the Information and Communication Technology serve the people, create healthy business - and in this particular case: Make the history of the Norwegian emigration to the USA become even more alive than it is today - in a process in which we are all invited - and were we all can make important contributions as fare as gathering, analysing and presenting information is concerned.  

The Emigration Web Norway -Numedal and Hallingdal will have som unique qualities. This is due to our unique concept presented above:

·        Both professional historians and ordinary people will work together gathering, analysing and presenting information from a variety of sources.

·        Together we will creating a more complete and knowledgeable historic interpretation and presentation

·        By giving ordinary people the easy-to-use tools for publishing information, we will get hold of lots of information from letters and other material being kept by individuals and families -information which historians never would be able to get hold of by traditional means -at least no all of it or the best part of it.

·        We will engage students in the Schools of our Region (and hopefully students in American Schools) in this process of gathering, analysing and presenting information about the Emigration from Norway. Through teachers and Schoolmasters we will motivate the students to write the Emigration history of their own family. We will encourage them to cooperate with student in American Schools, thereby getting information about what happened after the Emigrants came to the USA.

·        We will encourage our students (and the American students) to interview their parents, grandparents and all older people, thereby gathering and preserving for the future a lot of information still being kept in the minds of older people -information often coming directly from people who experienced parts of this historical event.  Much of this information would otherwise  be lost.

·        On the website we will create virtual rooms for groups and organizations ("Communities"), for instance "Young peoples place", the place for "Bygdelangs and Societies", Collaboration projects and/or programs, the place for Genealogical Research and so on. Even families can make their own virtual room or working place for gathering, analysing and presenting their family´s Emigration history, for planning family-reunions and so on.

·        We will present "Sights, Attractions and Travel opportunities" both in Numedal and Hallingdal Region of Norway and in the Norwegian/Scandinavian areas in the USA (and facilitate collaboration between Travel agencies).

·        The Website will list and present major events and activities both in Norway and in the USA, relevant to the Emigration history and our common goal of maintaining and  strengthening the bounds between Norway and the USA.

·        Last but not least; The website will contain multimedia presentations giving the users a much better view of places and events concerning their ancestors and the Emigration history.

On the Emigration Web Norway you can already see some examples of what we want the website and this collaboration project to be. We will be very interested in your comments and suggestions. In particular we will like to here your suggestions and get in touch with people and organizations who will like to be a part of the project.

We welcome you to our booth/stand at the Norsk høstfest 2000 in Minot, North Dakota -  and as a participant or a partner in the further development of the Emigration Web Norway.

For further information, please contact the project manager Knut Morten Bjørnsrud (knut.morten.bjornsrud@numedalsnet.no) or LiNK-project manager Ivar J. Knai (ivar.knai@sensewave.com) .