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24. oktober 2001

Charley PrideCharleyPride has been in show business for more than 40 years, and has a remarkable career to look back on. Countless days of travelling and concerts, and numerous recordings has been made since he first started. I remember well one of the first records I bought many years ago; "Sweet country". And now I was here talking to the very same man!


Many celebrities perform at Norsk Høstfest. Some we have written about before; Anne Murray, The comedians Indian & White Guy and Kenny Rogers to name a few.

 Charley Pride

Charley Pride is one of the performers who comes back every year. I  went back stage to ask him what he thought of Norsk Høstfest, and how he felt about having a stage named after him. I sat patiently waiting for him to sign all the CD's and posters, and even tried to help interpret some of the handwritings on the notes that followed the items to be signed.







-You have a lot of fans in Norway; I said, hoping that I would somehow break the good news that even in little Norway, far away from Mississippi and USA, there are quite a few people who love his music.

-Yes, I know, he replied, and went on and talked about a group of fans in Elverum and a car ride along a long and windy river. I assumed it must have been Glomma, but wasn't quite sure whether it was the fans or the scenery he passed that made the deepest impression on Pride. He has been in Norway several times, and hopes to be back sometimes. We sure hope that he will make it back some day soon. One of his last recordings are songs once recorded by Jim Reeves. Charley Pride's interpretation of these familiar songs are beautiful, and a true honor of and tribute to a great artist.

Text & photo: Aud Åshild Bjørnsrud