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20. oktober 2001

Kenny RogersWe attended the first of Kenny Roger's two concerts, and for more than one hour we listened to one hit following the other. What a grand finale to a well run festival.


It was a witful Kenny Rogers who kept the audience captured with fun stories and beautiful ballads. He is, however, aware that not everyone likes the country and western style, and he claimed to be able to point out which men in the audience who was there by their wives willing, and who would have liked to be anywhere else but at the concert. One (un)lucky man on the first row was one of these men, Rogers was sure, and the entire concert he kept tossing 10 dollar bills at him for each "hit" he recognized. And there turned out to be quite a few!

Kenny Rogers

But money was not the only thing Kenny Rogers handed out from the stage. Both frees-bees, thrown with amazing accuracy, and tambourines found new owners during the concert. A lot of people went home that evening with a lot of fun memories and with the mind filled with many of his favourite hit songs throughout his career.