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Miss Norsk Høstfest 2001
14. oktober 2001

Kristen BelgardeEvery year a young girl is appointed Miss Norsk Høstfest. This year Kristen Belgarde won in competition with eleven other girls.



Kristen has roots from Norway, Sweden, Germany, France and the Native American tribe Chippewa. A successful mix of nations! She is 18 years old and attends Minot State University.

During the week of Norsk Høstfest she greets the visitors in the morning and she participates in different parades. This year she was one of the judges in the wedding cake competition. Indian and White Guy led the show, and as usual they kept the audience captured.
She also participated in the troll judging on the last day of the festival.

She is looking forward to a year with different representation jobs, and has enjoyed taking part in the Scandinavian festival.