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Anne Murray at her best
13. oktober 2001

Anne MurrayAnne Murray - 4th time visitor at Norsk Høstfest is glad to be back in Minot. Although admitting that she never dared try lutefisk and potato klubb, she thinks it is so much fun to have a festival where all the old traditions are presented.



Anne Murray put on a wonderful show Friday afternoon, and it was evident that she is a dear and well known artist to the audience. And she knew her audience well too. The concert  was packed with old familiar songs, and the audience cheered her along whenever they recognized a favourite.


Anne Murray


Recently she recorded an inspirational CD, and it turned out to be one of her best in 20 years! She sang extracts of several of the songs from this CD, and her interpretation of these old hymns and tunes conveyed the content in a very powerful and expressive way.


Even more powerful, however, was the songs connecting to the terrorist actions in New York. "We sure could use some good news tonight" was a heartfelt wish that we all could agree on.


Anne Murray


Thanks to Anne Murray for an hour of wonderful music and a lot of laughter.