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H. C. ANDERSEN in our midst
12. oktober 2001

HC AndersenFor the ninth time in a row, Scandinavia's greatest story teller, H.C. Andersen, personalized by Rolf Kristian Stang, is visiting Minot.


Rolf Kristian Stang has roots in Norway. His mother came from Drammen, while his father grew up in Rjukan, Telemark. His father often talked about Numedal, and he must have had some special moments on his visits to this valley because his son could sense a certain feeling of awe when he spoke of his memories. He has made it to Norway many times himself, but has so far yet to see Numedal. He is supposed to have some family in upper Uvdal, but does not know the name of the farm or the family members.

HC AndersenStang lives in New York, and works as an actor and singer of classical music. He is also active as volunteer worker in the Norwegian Seaman's church in New York, and is widely known as Mr Norwegian American. He also translated into English the lyrics of Grieg in 1993, which is quite an accomplishment!

 He started his study of Norwegian at the age of 22, and is an example to follow for others who think they are too old to start. His Norwegian is excellent, and even though it took him some time to get where he is at, he strongly recommends others to try it too! It is so much more interesting and rewarding to be able to have conversations with family members in the "old" language.

We wish Stang, alias H.C. Andersen, all the best and hope to meet him again in not too long. Hopefully he will make it to Norway too with one of his performances!